Housing Plans

We continue to raise funds to establish additional housing for youth at risk of becoming homeless. Please make a tax free donation today!

Will you be a Home Host for a young person?

 Host Homes support youth and young adults who are at risk of or are currently experiencing homelessness. Hosts have various backgrounds and experiences. Hosts can be single or married, and represent a wide range of race and ethnicities, cultures, and religions.  Contact us if all of those in your home can a pass vetting process and background check. We seek to make a positive impact on Colorado youth.

Transitional Living Program

Services offered through the Transitional Living Program are designed to help young people who are struggling with housing be able to transition to self-sufficient living.

  • Independent living or another appropriate living arrangement
  • Money management, budgeting, consumer education, use of credit
  • Basic life skills resources, counseling services, and aftercare services
  • Interpersonal skill-building
  • Educational opportunities, such as GED preparation, post-secondary training, and vocational education
  • Job attainment skills
  • Mental and physical health care
  • Individual, family, and group counseling, as appropriate

Whether aging out of Foster Care or a young person just needing a safer place to live, Oak Tree Resources seeks to offer housing assistance for youth ages 18-24 who are ready to receive supportive services. Emergency housing for youth ages 14-17 is possible on a case by case basis. Short-term host homes are an intervention for youth who are currently experiencing homelessness for any variety of reasons. The goal of short-term host homes is to provide a temporary, welcoming space where the young person has time to repair their relationships with self-identified family or make decisions about other housing options with the support of a caring housing case manager. After interviewing each potential resident, we will assess if they are ready for services that are a part of living at Oak Tree in Durango, Colorado. We approach each person through steps that focus on the individual. Together, creating a strength-based action plan. Young adults in our housing program can be partnered with a mentor who works with them to:
-explore their individual backgrounds
-assess their strengths and needs
-identify personal and professional goals
-enroll the youth in appropriate supportive services
-help youth access resources including healthcare, education, employment, mental health and wellness treatment.

Contact us at oaktreedurango@gmail.com or 970-335-9667

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