Make a difference in the life of a young person, today. How Can You Help?

  • Be a Mentor
    We offer trauma-informed care training to those who want to volunteer with Oak Tree Resources. Contact us to see where you can fit in and begin the interview process.
    *Interview, Background and Reference checks must be completed before volunteer is approved.
  • Donate
    We need financial support. We are seeking monthly partners who see the need and on whom we can count for support.
  • Street Outreach Volunteers
    Meet youth where they are and offer a care package and a listening ear.
  • Please see Immediate Needs page

“We are sending more foster kids to prison than college,” said Brent Kent, who spent the past 3½ years helping children transition into adulthood. “And what do we lose as a result? Generations of young people.”
Bower, L. & Thomas, J.L. 2019 Throwaway Kids, Kansas City Star

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